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Following the beauty of Japan when the meter, the network appeared to follow a number of identical stuff, beauty time friends, are sister time friends, are sister-hours network of friends ....., Arthur Taiwan also called out a "positive sister timekeeping "(see http://www.arthur.com.tw/home/), but the problem comes, orang see how plans are always sister to a time period? Otherwise, the eye diagram is a fancy, one can only see a minute .... other times of the map always see ... no one is middle of the night awake staring at a computer just for Figure, right?

This is a allows you to "hatch" out of Arthur Network - the newspaper of the working girl is sister of images every minute Android program, so why is "sterile" mean? As A, only a minute out of a working girl image file grasping, grasping the full month of 60 x 24 = 1440 (if it ...) Chang Cheng-mei map, to a whole day ..... it is called "hatch "....

Note 1: This program is under the cut image file, please use as a personal appreciation, not to infringe the copyright of authors and intellectual property.

Note 2: This program is under the cut image file, the user is then installed in the Android image file in the working girl to the newspaper's content-based database, with Arthur being sister network map readily available or slightly different ( Yin Yase network has several sets are sister graph, and successive in the update), so if you see the web version with the program grasp the same time under the plan are not at the same time please do not be surprised!

Installation and use these steps:

(1) Please download the Android version of the Arthur network is sister timekeeping program and database files, and according to the website to install the Android version of the working girl timekeeping program and database files to your Android phone, please link on http://www.arthur.com.tw/home/, and, click the icon mobile platform, you can see the Android version of the working girl timekeeping program of installation and use instructions.
APK download,DB downloadInstall description

(2) embedded on your desktop using a working girl to the newspaper's Desktop Gadgets (size chart can be), it became operational.

(3) Please download and install and open the "working girl hatched Figure machine" program, please click the "OFF - Touch to ON" to make it into "ON - Touch to OFF" to start the program the automatic screenshot services.

(4) program in the startup service, will co-exist for a minute to grasp a map /sdcard/lovelytime/ directory, file name format is 24 hours hours of filing, for example, will be 15:25 by 1525 . jpg file.

(5) When you start the automatic drawings services, you can leave the program, the program will perform automatic background mode of service screenshot services.

(6) If not arrested, please re-open the file, "are sister hatch chart device" program, and click on "ON - Touch to OFF" to make it into "OFF - Touch to ON" to stop the automatic screenshot service program.

(7) Please note: Yin Yase network timekeeping Android version of the program are sister sleeping in the face of mobile phones, that will stop for chart action, it would make "working girl to hatch chart machine" automatic drawings services are captured with a map, so please do not let the phone sleep, best for cell phone hanging from USB charging, so as not to reduce power consumption. In addition, as is sister timekeeping program changed the database path or operation may lead to hatch chart machine does not work, there are such cases, please Email me know, Thanks ~ ~

(8) of the current program set to Android SDK 1.5 or above can be used if the situation can not be used, also please Email me too, thanks ~ ~

Please E-mail me any issue. Thanks!

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